Women In STEM Soiree

Cedar Park High School Robotics is hosting a special Women in STEM Soirée on Saturday, December 7, 2019. This special event is inviting women from STEM related fields in the surrounding community, as well as Austin area companies and organizations. Occupations do not need to be solely in the engineering field, as members of the community from all spectrums of the STEM fields, such a medical, science, technology, etc. are invited to share information. The main purpose of the event is to provide insight into STEM and to specifically show that women can aspire and excel in STEM related fields.

The Women in STEM Soirée will take place on Saturday, December 7 in the Cedar Park High School cafeteria from 3-7 pm. Each speaker will have a booth for students to engage in individual questions and gather information on your specific field. Thank you for your consideration. Cedar Park High School Robotics promotes Women in STEM – a team that takes pride in the numerous female members.


If you are interested in having a booth, please fill out the form via the link below: