Officers 18-19


Project Manager

Senior Year

Sanj is our wonderful project manager who has been a part of team 5052 since her Freshman year. Starting out as the girl who hid under tables, she is now the head of our team promoting The Robolobos through her passion for engineering and artistic creativity. She is an incredible painter and works at an art studio sharing her talent with children in the local community. As a four year long member Sanj is a loving and understanding leader who we are grateful to have for our 2018-2019 school year. Despite her quiet voice, Sanj has kept our team going throughout it all and is a valuable member of Team 5052!

Written by: Katie


VP of Business

Senior Year

Katie is the Head of Business! Katie is a fun, energetic person who is amazing at singing and taking pictures. She brings energy to the team and helps get everyone excited about things! She’s also incredibly trustworthy and responsible in getting things done on time and improving team systems to make them as good as they can possibly be. We love her because she always tries her best and has a smile on her face in the best and worst of times. You can always count on Katie to lift your spirits or help you out in a bind.

Written by: Sanjana


VP of Engineering

Senior Year

Aaron, pronounced A-A-Ron, is a 4 year member of robotics. He is the current Head of Engineering and is also a band member. Therefore, A-A-Ron has no life. He sleeps in the robot room, organizing its parts while he sleepwalks and works on the band field carrying his bari sax. In his nonexistant free time, he plays League of Legends and works on new ideas for robotics. Fun Fact: A-A-Ron built his own gaming PC.

Written by: Thien


Head of Marketing

Sophomore Year

Travis is this years Head of Marketing. Despite being on the team for 2 years, he has already progressed so far. He is a great example of just how great we can become, as well as being a person who is just easy to talk with. If you have any problems with just about anything, go to him and he will have an answer. 

Written by: Luke


Head of Finance

Junior Year

Luke started in software, but transitioned to business and became the head of finance. Apart from robotics, he also participates in the Harry Potter club and enjoys gaming. He jokes around a lot but knows when to be serious and is there for you. Fun fact: Luke somehow managed to dislocate his kneecap in Harry Potter club.

Written by: Travis


Head of Software

Senior Year

Josh has been on the team for 3 years after joining his sophomore year. Is BIG smart. Can program in several languages. Fun fact: Good at ultimate frisbee.

Written by: Aaron


Head of Hardware

Senior Year

Thien is a third-year member and serves as the current head of hardware. He educates newcomers to the team about the basics of hardware and delegates tasks that need to be done

Written by: Josh