Officers 19-20

Nitya Sadasivan

Project Manager

Senior Year

Nitya is a fourth-year member of Team 5052 and our current Project Manager. When not procrastinating her English homework, Nitya is hard at work organizing our team and keeping us productive and efficient! She brings a bright and positive energy to the team and is always improving team systems to be the best they can possibly be.

Fun Fact: Nitya used to be in theatre tech, but we don’t talk about that.

Written by:  Deen



VP of Engineering

Senior Year

Deen is a second-year member of Team 5052, and is our current VP of Engineering. Deen is an insane (no matter what she says) go-getter who doesn’t shy away from speaking with honesty. Her determination and tough attitude help keep our Engineering department from being derailed. But despite her tough exterior, she is one of the most chaotically sweet people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing, and this team couldn’t function without her 🙂

Fun Fact:  She can chop your head off in over 12 different ways with a machete.

Written by: Nitya


Luke Janysek

VP of Business

Senior Year

A very cool lad who helps anyone and everyone with a smile on his face. He works very hard and is a cornerstone of our team, ruling over Business with his big heart and bigger personality. He has been on the team since freshman year and enjoys anime.

Fun Fact:  His sister is also an established member of the 5052 RoboLobos, who is currently the Captain of Communications!

Written by: Alex F. 


Alex Flores

Head of Marketing

Junior Year

Alex Flores has been on this team for three years, originally started in Software but transitioned to the Marketing last year and is our current Head of Marketing. Alex is skilled in Illustrator and Photoshop and is always in the center of the business team making flyers and having fun. 

Fun Fact: He knows Jiu-Jitsu & technically beat Mario Kart Tour. 

Written by: Alex M. 


Alex Massaro

Head of Finance

Senior Year

Alex Massaro, our team’s current Head of Finance, has been on the team as soon as he got into high school. With his previous experience as a full-term member of the middle school’s FLL team, Alex already knew a lot about FIRST compared to his fellow freshmen members. Through his hard work, he was able to become the Head of Finance even when he first started business in his 2nd year, with his 1st year saved for software. Alex is a great person and an even better leader, so if you are ever feeling down, you can count on Alex to pick you right back up again.

Fun Fact:  Alex Massaro is an Eagle Scout, so of course, he knows how to tie any knot known to man.

Written by: Luke


Logan Dane

Head of Software

Senior Year

Logan Dane is a fourth-year member and Senior. He loves LabView and hates Java. He educates his department on programming while encouraging fun and a light atmosphere.

Fun Fact: Logan Dane won our team a 3-D printer by Default Dancing (thanks SolidWorks!)

Written by: Ethan Johnson


Ethan Johnson

Head of Hardware

Senior Year

Ethan is a fourth year member and a senior. He has been in hardware all four years, and now he is the Head of Hardware. He is very active in his church, a member of National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society, and an Eagle-Scout. He will be attending BYU-Idaho.

Fun Fact: He wears flannel daily

Written by: Logan Dane