Officers 17-18


Head of Marketing, Senior
Eli is the current head of marketing and a second year member on the team. He enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit spaghetti dinners, and cuddling up with a good book in a thunderstorm. Eli is passionate about art, graphic design, video editing, and music.
A fun fact about Eli is that he has eaten an entire pound of carrots in one sitting. Twice.


Head of Finance, Junior

Katie is a first-year member of 5052. She took up the Head of Finance position when the previous head resigned.

Fun fact: Katie can sing. “La la la.”


VP of Engineering, Senior
Matthew is the VP of engineering as a second year member of 5052. He’s just happy to be here and work together with a group of talented and diverse students towards the goal of creating a robot.
A fun fact about matthew is that he had to jumpstart his car the first time he drove to school due to leaving his headlights on.


Head of Hardware, Senior
Robert has been a member of the team for three years and is the current head of hardware. In the robot room he is the all seeing eye, overseer, and taskmaster. He directs the flow of battle amongst the chaos by working with his constituents.
Fun fact: He plays a lot of Minesweeper.


VP of Business, Junior
Sanjana is a third year member of the team who is currently the head of business. She used to hide under tables a lot, but has since grown out of it. Sanjana started out in programming but switched to business for reasons unknown. A fun fact about Sanjana is that she accidentally convinced the entire team that she was a junior her freshman year of robotics and her sophomore year, everyone thought she was going to graduate. Another fun fact about Sanjana is that she can make the entire team very worried just by picking up the staple gun.


Head of Software, Senior
Vince is the current Head of Software for the 5052 Robotics team. He has been on the team for three years. He spends the majority of his time away from the noisy hardware team, working to keep his people in check. He may or may not be chaotic evil. Vince likes cats.
Fun Fact: Has descended from a long line have samauri.


Project Manager, Senior
Will likes keyboards.
Will is the Project Manager.
Will is cool.
Everything about Will is a fun fact due to how fun he is