After seeing her brother be stoked about FIRST, both as a student and as a mentor, Alison finally decided to join in on the fun this season. She is excited to join 5052 as a mentor for Mechanics/Hardware (she has a background in mechanical engineering).
A fun fact about Alison is that she liked HBO back when it stood for Honey Bunches of Oats.


April graduated from Rose-Hulman with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Robotics. She works at National Instruments in R&D as a Product Support Engineer. She’s also currently pursuing her MBA at the University of Texas. This is her second year with the RoboLobos as the Marketing mentor!
Fun fact: April once had a vendetta against salt and refused to eat it.


Jeff works with our labview r&d group. He helps the support group that we have, have the tools necessary to support our customers while working with our r&d group to ensure that we prioritize things that need to be fixed and developed and created.
Fun fact: Jeff was born in Japan.


Mr. Kalb is a physics teacher here at CPHS. He has a background in Aerospace Engineering, but chose to go into education after finishing his degree. He was never involved in FIRST as a student, but at the invitation of the founding student members, he’s been a mentor on 5052 since the beginning. He loves working with the team to advise them in their design process and in using our tools and machines in the Robot Room.
A fun fact about Mr.Kalb is that he loves cats, collecting motorsports memorabilia, cowboy boots, and PC gaming.


Miriah got her start with FIRST in high school with team 1710: Ravonics Revolution. After participating in robotics in high school she decided to pursue a Mechanical Engineering degree at Missouri University of Science & Technology. Miriah currently works as a Product Owner for the online catalog at National Instruments. She has been a mentor with 5052 since the founding in 2014.
Fun Fact: Miriah had a robot participate in her wedding ceremony!


Peyton graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2013. He has three years experience working in power generation plants and currently is a stay at home parent. In his free time, Peyton enjoys working on pcb design and assembly. This is Peyton’s first year with First Robotics working in hardware.

Fun fact: Peyton does not like Fun facts